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Women's Self Defence Seminar
November 2018

For women aged 15 and over. This day long traing teaching the critical defence tatics you will need for your safety in this modern world. Full Info...


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Training courage and confidence for the modern world


Over the years Robert has has the pleasure to teach many students. From his years teaching in Norway and elsewhere, and with the power of the internet it's a joy to connect with these students later on and hear how Martial arts touched their lives. The following are feedback from students old and new who have worked with Modern Warrior Training

Testimonials & Student Feedback

"Thank you very much for your time these last weeks. The pupils thought the training was fun and they learnt a great deal in the hours. I would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to improve their skills in self-defence."Alison Grant - Deputy Head, King’s School Bruton

"Thank you so much for organising today's self defence event. I am so impressed with Alexander's attitude since returning from the class. To begin with he didn't want to go and told me I was a 'bad' Mother for forcing him to go. As soon as I picked him up and asked him what he thought of the class, (the massive smile on his face told me the answer) he said that he enjoyed it and thanked me for 'making' him go! I am out of breath, as I write this email, because Alexander has shown me a lot of the moves and always asked me before showing them ,what I would do in that situation. He never used any force on me and was incredibly professional in his conduct.Parent of student for 3 hour seminar on school inset day

"Thank you for all you've taught me so far, the training goes much deeper than simple physical techniques, I believe it gives us boundaries and confidence for life in general and i feel stronger for it."Josey Pavey - Student 2016 - current

Andreas Lange

"At the age of 11 I started practising Martial Arts under Robert Grant's supervision. His training philosophy was filled with patience and understanding the individual differences in terms and learning curve and progression, of his students. Even tough I wasn't the quickest learner in the beginning, I didn't once feel any kind and pressure from my Instructor or my fellow students to progress faster than I was able to. Robert Grant was not only patience but was also a Instructor that created a relaxed atmosphere you could learn and grow in. An atmosphere that was growing a mutual respect between Instructor Grant and students. After a while I started to progress faster and I also noticed the joy Robert expressed for seeing that the training hours gave results. Robert Grant is truly passionate about what he does within martial arts. And over the years also became a role model for me personally. I believe his future students will have a great development in the craft of Martial Arts with Robert Grant as their Instructor ."Andreas Lange - Student 2005-2009

Simon Dancaster

"Robert Grant is an excellent training partner and teacher. He gave me valuable assistance when as a 40 year old I participated in the Norwegian San Shou Championship. Krav maga being my main focus, I will say Rob absorbs information and techniques like a sponge and imparts the same in a clear, enthusiastic and concise manner"Simon Dancaster

Arthur Thaomasen

"Robert Grant has been my instructor in martial arts for many years. Through his training, I managed to win the Norwegian Cup in San Shou. Martial arts has not only given me the ability to defend myself, it has also given me an increased quality of life such as health, energy and better control in everyday life. I would highly recommend Robert Grant since his training has given me good results."Arthur Thomassen

"Robert grant is a brilliant and enthusiastic teacher. When I learnt with Robert I loved how he was able to incorporate fun into all the important things that needed to be learnt it really appealed to me as a young rather hyperactive and mischievous girl. It also made me feel safer, knowing that I had learnt at least the basics in self defence through Roberts help. If I was going to say one reason why I would always work with rob Is truly because he loves loves loves working with people and teaching wether it's martial arts, self defence, kick boxing or all of the above together! He's brilliant at it, no matter how old you are, he knows the best way to teach in a light hearted fun way. I would personally say that even if you don't pick it up quickly it will be fun. Im almost 18 now and I've been working on and off with rob for about 10 years. I even after working with Robert for a few years I was given the opportunity to share what he has taught me with other girls my age. Robert goes beyond just a teacher he will put his heart and sole into teaching. Thank you rob for making me feel safer! I would highly recommend you to anyone."Ella Foux

"Robert was my instructor while he lived in Norway. The classes where in a relaxed atmosphere, and one of the strong points is Robs lack of the ‘master and student’ approach, something some other European instructors try to force into a different culture.

He is open to discuss various matters, concerns and questions regarding the styles/applications, and humble enough to admit when he don’t know. So you don’t get an instructor shrugging off unwanted question to uphold a ‘superman’ attitude, which is very good thing.

Several of the students also had individual requests for training not following the grading system, and Robert sat aside some time during session for individual training. All in all I think Robert is a nice and friendly instructor, creating a nice setting for training best suited for those not wanting to a fighting career in tournaments, but want a realistic approach and training. What you put in is what you get out, the training varied and fun. I would recommend to anyone interested in martial arts to check out his classes."Anders Risvold