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Women's Self Defence Seminar
November 2018

For women aged 15 and over. This day long traing teaching the critical defence tatics you will need for your safety in this modern world. Full Info...


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Training courage and confidence for the modern world

Frome & New Forest

Robert Grant is available for private 1-on-1 personal training in Self defence or any aspect of martial arts that you are interested in and he is able to teach from his experience. Training is held either at your location or we have private training space's we can use.

As you will want to get the most of your time there will be less emphasis n fitness and more on the content on what you want to learn. You could just learn about Knife attacks, how to handle yourself on the ground or something specific relating to the work you do, or a experience you've had. All sessions are tailored to your needs. If you have had a real life traumatic experience then we can arrange for a therapist to be present to help you in your training process should emotions come up that you need support with.

Private training is a great way to gain skills before joining a group or if you cannot attend regular classes due to lifestyle

"Your work with Joel has been invaluable. It has undoubtedly saved him on at least a couple of occasions from becoming a victim and we are hugely appreciative of everything you have done with him so that he doesn’t live in fear. More people should know about the great work you do and how it can help keep their kids safe"Helen S - Parent of Private Student

Fees & Conditions

Private training costs £25 per hour for adults and £20 for under 18's. Payment is made in advance of your session (details upon request) and paid in full for your booking to be held. We ask for 24 hours notice to cancel a training session without loosing your money. If the booking is for someone under the age of 18, then an adult is required to be present during the training session.

Advantages of Private Training

  • You learn faster as you have the instructors complete attention
  • You learn what you are wanting to learn
  • You train at a time that works for your schedule

Private Training Locations

Robert can give private lessons in Frome, Somerset and Glastonbury The training can be held outside (weather permitting) but it mostly held indoors at private venues which you will be given details for before your first session.

How to Book A Private Training Session

Contact Us and tell us a little about yourself. Your experience and what specifically you are wanting to gain from private martial arts training